PACE PNEUMATICS’s Air tubing is available in a variety of colors to meet your application requirements. Our air lines are including polyurethane tubing, PU coils, Nylon tubing, Air brake hose, and Rubber hose.

Barbed or Pneumatic push-in fittings are recommended (varies by durometer). All varieties are available in a range of opaque colors.

Product Description
1. Material: PU tubing / PU(polyurethane tubing) And Nylon tubing / PA tubing
2. Function; industry robot,pneumatic tools,centralized lubrication,air tools,automobile manufacture,etc.
3. excellent performance of resistance agaist high-pressure,vibration,wear,corrosion and bending
4. the diameter size within the high-precision control which is suitable for a variety of joint.
5. multiple colors for your selection;red,orange,yellow,black,blue,green,nature,transparent ,etc.
6. excellent flexibility,the bevelling radius is small,the operating temp and the working pressure scope is wide
7. Good quality and durability.